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Waste Baler

    1. Horizontal Waste BalerHorizontal baler is a kind of scrap recycling equipment. It can be used as waste paper baler, plastic baler and cardboard baler, etc.
      Our horizontal waste baler can be used together with mechanical feed equipment to reduce the materia...
    1. Vertical Waste BalerVertical waste baler can be used to press and bale many kinds of recyclable materials, including papers, plastic films, cardboards, and cotton, etc. The baled materials are compacter and are smaller in size, which will reduce ...

This Y82 series waste baler is applicable for packing scrap carton, news paper, straws, waste plastics like PET bottle, plastic film, recycle case, etc.

Made by adopting internationally advanced technology and equipment, our waste paper balers are mainly used to compact waste papers and other similar loose materials in normal state and then use specialized packing string to bale them, making them smaller in size. In this way, these waste papers or other loose materials will take up less shipping space, thus reducing the transportation cost.

Our waste paper baler uses hydraulic drive mode. It is designed with rational and compact structure, and it is easy to operate and safe to use.
Characteristics of our waste paper baler include small size, light weight, small inertia, low running noise, stable running, reliable hydraulic characteristic, high operating efficiency, low energy consumption, easy installation and operation, and strong environmental adaptive ability, etc.
This vertical waste baler can not only be used to bale waste papers, but also be applied to bale or compact similar loose materials.

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