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Horizontal Waste Baler

Horizontal baler is a kind of scrap recycling equipment. It can be used as waste paper baler, plastic baler and cardboard baler, etc.
Our horizontal waste baler can be used together with mechanical feed equipment to reduce the material processing cost. It is of high efficiency and can satisfy your various baling requirements.

More Details about our Horizontal Waste Baler
Auto baling or manual tying up
Variable feed opening sizes are available.
This horizontal waste baler accepts the feeding materials from conveyor and air system.
Feed hopper is designed with access door.
This horizontal waste baler is fitted with bale sizer and it has full bale alarm function.

As a professional horizontal waste baler manufacturer in China, we can provide horizontal waste balers with automatic belting and horizontal waste balers with manual belting. Besides, we also offer scrap metal baler, alligator shearing machine, vertical waste baler, and so on. These products are CE certified and are of high quality and low price.

Related Names
Waste Paper Baler | Cardboard Baler | Carton Baler | Newspaper Baler | Horizontal Waste Paper Baler | Horizontal Baler

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