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Q43 - 4000 Alligator Shear

Q43 - 4000 Alligator Shear

Our Q43-4000 alligator shear is the perfect equipment applied in the medium and large sized metal processing plant, steel works, waste metal recycling site and other places. It is mainly used to cut the waste metal at cold status into qualified materials for melting in the furnace. The applicable materials include various shaped steel section and structural metals like round steel, square steel, angle iron, I steel, plate steel, steel tube and so on. If needed, the diesel engine can be used to supply power for the machine at the place without electricity.

This alligator shear is mainly featured by automatic operation, matched blade in customized length and designed maximum cutting force, etc. Operated under button control, it realizes manual feeding and automatic cutting performance. Customers from Russia, Ukraine and other heavy industry countries are in great favor of this type of machine. In addition, we have the ability to design and create more fitted products to meet specific demands of users.

Technical Parameters
No. Parameters
1 Max. Cutting Force 4000kN
2 Max. Clamping Force 630kN
3 Working Length of Blade 1200mm
4 Size of Major Applicable Materials 90mm×90mm, Ф125mm
5 Motor Model Y250M-6 Quantity 2pcs
Rated Speed 980rpm Power 37kw
6 Hydraulic Pump Model 250YCY14-1B Quantity 2pcs
Rated Discharge 250ml/r Rated Pressure 31.5MPa
7 Cutting Cylinder Model YG280/220 -728 Stroke 728mm
Max. Cutting Force 4000kN Quantity 1pcs
8 Clamping Cylinder Model YG160/110-340 Stroke 340mm
Max. Clamping Force 630kN Quantity 1pcs

Related Names
Heavy Duty Scrap Metal Shear | Heavy Duty Alligator Shear | Heavy Duty Crocodile Shear | CE Approved Scrap Steel Shear | Hot Sale Alligator Metal Shear

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