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Scrap Metal Baler

    1. Turn Out BalerDriven by hydraulic system, this turn out baler is highlighted by resoanble design, compact structure, small volume, light weight, small inetia of movement, low noise, stable traveling performance, flexible operation and so on.
    1. Side Push Out BalerWith the incorporated hydrylic and electrical control, this machine is user-friendly and it is easy to realize the overload protection.
      It is well adapted to different working conditions and has wide applicable range, like processing...
    1. Forward Out Baler This forward out baler is driven be hydraulic devices. In the compact structure with rational design, it is small in volume and light in weight. Moreover, it works with small inertia of movement, low noise, stable but flexible operation and other highlights.

The Y83 series scrap metal baler is able to squeeze various scrap metal and leftover materials with certain range of thickness into rectangular, octagonal, cylindrical and other specially shaped qualified furnace fillings under common temperature. It is applicable for processing the steel savings, waste steel, scrap aluminum, waste copper and stainless steel, scraped vehicle and other waste materials.

This equipment not only brings convenience for scrap metal recycling unit to load, unload, storage and transport the materials at low cost, but also increases the efficiency of metal smelting factory while decreasing the smelting cost.

Structural Style
1.Our Y83 series scrap metal baler is generally designed in horizontal structure. By bale ejection methods, it is classified into three types, the turn out type, side push out type and forward out type. The cross section of the bale is square, rectangular, octagonal, cylindrical or shaped specially.
2. At the premise of baling the waste materials successfully, the cross section shape of the bale and the size of the compacting box can be redesigned as required.
3. The hydraulic station of the machine in any type can be reconfigured according to users' requirements on baling speed, bale shape, compacting box size and other specifications.
4. Any type of scrap metal baler is allowed to mount cutting blades on the compacting box and the door lid, as well as feeding hopper linked with the door lid.

Operation Mode
The series of equipment can be operated under the control of manual valve or automatic control by PLC. Users can select the PLC in any model as they want.

1. Any of our scrap metal baler is hydraulically driven with optional manual operation or automatic manipulation under the control of PLC except for the turn out baler that can be operated by manual valve only.
2. Aside from the abovementioned bale out methods, the machine also allows the bale to be taken manually.
3. The foot bolts are needless while installing the machine.
4. If there is no power at site, this equipment can be powered by the diesel engine.
5. To satisfy different customers in need, our machine is designed with tens of grades of compressing force ranging from 63ton to 500ton. Its production efficiency varies from 4ton to 50ton per shift.

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