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Turn Out Baler

1. Driven by hydraulic system, this turn out baler is highlighted by resoanble design, compact structure, small volume, light weight, small inetia of movement, low noise, stable traveling performance, flexible operation and so on.
2. Under the integrated hydraulic and electrical control, it is easy for operation and maintance.
3. With wide applicable range, this product can work as the processing equipment in scrap metal recycling unit. It is also suitable for processing the furnace charge in the foundry of factory. The equipment offers powerful adaptabiity for the working conditions.
4. Our turn out baler performs with low energy consumption, easy installation, secure operation, high working efficiency, low price and other merits.

Related Names
Turn Out Baler | China Baler | Scrap Metal Baler | Hydraulic Metal Baler | Scrap Metal Baling Machine | Scrap Baling Press Machine

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